Monday, January 17, 2011

Lisa D'Agostino Jewelry

There are times when we feel like wearing
 lacy, light, ethereal types of jewelry. 
There are other times when we don't.
That's when we seek an adornment
that evokes a bolder, edgier statement.

A lovely example of a metalsmith
who creates jewelry with this type of
edgy, contemporary
presence is Lisa D'Agostino.
Her signature handcrafted pieces
are created by using
multiple techniques to achieve
multiple effects.
This artist incorporates many techniques into each
piece using a variety of metalsmithing tools.
Shapes are fabricated with sterling silver or18k gold
and manipulated in various ways.
Some parts might be distorted through the
rolling mill achieving interesting effects.
Some surfaces are textured with the use of tools, 
or fused with silver dust or 18K yellow gold.
And she explores various combinations of matte
and polished surface areas to give us
an end result that is bold
 and imaginative.

Here are a few examples of our favorites.

We love these deceptively simple earrings.

And this bangle simply exudes strength and determination.


We are inspired by the many aspects
present in this pendant.


This bracelet is a veritable
smorgasbord of variety.
It showcases her
range of techniques

This artist's work satisfies that need
for variety and detail.

Each detail adds something magical to the
edginess of the designs.

Each design is bold and imaginative.


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