Friday, February 18, 2011

Joyce Fritz Jewelry

Lighthearted. Whimsical. Playful.
Jewelry by Joyce Fritz provides an
enormous variety of fun and delight.
One doesn't expect to wear insects
and other creepy-crawly things as adornment
but each piece created by this artist is more
delightful than the last.
Smiles erupt whenever her jewelry appears.
Both the wearer and the viewer share
the enchantment.

Her designs are based on the world of bugs -
some are patterned after real insects and
are incredibly true to form,
while others are designed in her imagination
and are wonderfully creative.

Every piece of her jewelry is handmade in polymer
with detailed embellishments of glitter,
metallic leaf, wire, and glass beads.
Color and pattern are pivotal for this artist's process.
The intricate designs are not painted on; they are
an integral part of the polymer
and are created with an ancient technique,
also used in glass, called "millefiori,"
an Italian word meaning "one thousand flowers."

Let's look at some of our favorites.

We are inspired by the color effects in this brooch.

We love the elaborate, detailed mosaic effects
in this piece.
It's easy to forget that it's a bug.

This little fellow might become
our newest best friend.

The color choices on this piece
make quite an impact.

This little bug is just so adorable.

Playful. Pretty. Pleasing.
We really can't stop admiring them.
What do you think?


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