Monday, February 28, 2011

Ana Hagopian Jewelry

Paper and fiber jewelry created by
Ana Hagopian is a wondrous feast for the eyes.
Texture and color dominate her work.

It's very easy to recognize the commitment
and talent this artist brings to her work;
one can see the sensitivity and the
delicate skill it takes to create
these pieces.

Over the years, Ana has developed
an astonishing range of jewelry including
pieces that are geometric and architectural
 in style, and those that are more relaxed
and organic in style. Our favorites are her
hand-sculpted floral necklaces featuring
wildly-extravagant profusions of blossoms.
The subtle variations among her
floral pieces lead to a rich, layered
effect that's realistic and idealized
at the same time. The results of all her efforts
combine to create an impressive world
of textural magic.

We'd like to take the liberty of traveling back
and forth among her current and previous
 collections to look at some of our favorites.

These two-tone blooms
are sweet and lively.

We really like these
flowers made from felt.
We're being to feel like
springtime is arriving.

Here's another version of these
particular blooms that are
bright and tender.

Lush and densely-packed together
flowers seem to be filled with
life and vibrancy.

So lush and light.
Delicate and powerful at the same time.

We love the delicate tendrils
in this brightly-colored piece.

The sheer lusciousness of saturated color in this necklace
causes a physical reaction – it makes our hearts beat
faster every time we see it.

This jewelry truly is a celebration of nature
in all her glory.

Some pieces are ethereal
and diaphanous; some are
made with heavy, dense felt.
They're all filled with textural
elements and spectacular color
that just takes our breath away.
We're inspired by all this

How are you?

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