Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monique Rancourt Jewelry

 A dear friend of ours recently introduced
us to work created by Monique Rancourt.
We were instantly smitten with all of
her current pieces.
Then we read her thoughts regarding
one's need for adornment and were
left pondering ideas we hadn't
considered before.
On her website, Monique shares
these ideas about jewelry and its
impact upon us.

My passion for creating body adornment has left me with the question: Why do we adorn our bodies? . . . But there is another question: Why do I feel as though I NEED to decorate my body? Isn’t my natural beauty good enough? . . . I think about the pressure I put on myself, as well as the expectations put on me by others, that cause a need to wear a second skin, to stand out, to be someone extraordinary. Although beautiful, body adornment can be a burden. While exploring the history of the corset and body adornment of the Pacific Islands and Africa, I have created a metaphorical body of work . . . exploring the idea of how jewelry gives confidence and is perceived as beautiful when in fact it can be a burden; constricting, heavy and uncomfortable . . . This series is intended to be perceived as extravagantly beautiful while the wearer is in fact constricted and “burdened by her beauty.”

There are many pieces in her collection
that we love but it's her bracelets that
are especially thought provoking.
They dramatize the artist's point
of view succinctly and directly.

These "Magnetic Rubberized Bracelets" are
remarkable. The artist has taken chain and dipped
it in rubber. We find them to be reminiscent
of cords or ropes.

This "Forged Sterling Silver Bracelet" is striking.
 The combination of patination and
granulation adds so much to the elaborate design.
The edges closest to the wearer seem so fierce
yet they're the part we like the best.

This piece is called "Etched Cuff."
It has an outer layer of etched copper that is 
attached to sterling silver. We sense
a fierce armor-like quality in it
similar to chainmail.

This piece is called "Reticulation Bracelet."
In this bracelet, we see layers of sterling silver
elements that are attached to a solid base giving
an initial impression of armor, yet at the same
time we sense distinct imagery of
delicate petals softly caressing the wrist.

Lots of beauty to absorb.
Lots of new thoughts to ponder.
Remarkable. Striking.

We really can't stop thinking about them.

How do you feel?

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