Thursday, February 3, 2011

Imogen Belfield Jewelry

Words like molten, raw,
volcanic, and dangerous
are not usually used when describing
jewelry.  Imogen Belfield creates jewelry
that blends artistic craftsmanship with an edgy,
flamboyant yet fashionable flair.
Each piece makes a statement
and captures one’s imagination.

Her distinctive collection features
nuggests of metal
clustered and encrusted
upon themselves.
Amazing textures, dramatic shapes,
stunning formations - they all
seem so otherworldly.
One can easily imagine that they might
have been spewed from the depths of a volcano,
or left behind by meteors showering
our planet with intergalactic detritus.
And much of her work is named to suggest
just such associations.
We are especially captivated by
her “Equilibrium” series
which she describes as being
 inspired by "star clusters, bubbling gases,
spiralling milky ways, and angular meteorites."

Here are a few of our favorites.

This ring is called ORBITAL
and features 22K gold-plated bronze.

Her signature bubble effect
is taken to the next level
in this ring called
Bubble Knuckle which also
features 22K gold-plated bronze.


These earrings are called Gold Nuggets.
They are made with 22K gold-plated sterling silver.


In this ring called Plasma, we love the way the
polished metal is snuggled within the protective
embrace of her signature molten bubbles.
It features 22K gold-plated bronze with
white porcelain fused beneath the
surface of the bronze.

Innovative techniques and a spirit of'
exploration capture and inspire
our imaginations.
Here we see work that is created
thoughtfully and meticulously
yet the results appear
spontaneous and serendipitous.
The final effect is stunning and inspiring.



  1. Amazing work! Love how organic they are. Great pieces!!


  2. I agree! They really are something aren't they! Glad you commented - have a great day.


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