Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mary Donald Jewelry

Every so often an artist's writing
and their work mesh seamlessly to provide
a clear picture of who they are
in relation to their work.

 Mary Donald is such an artist.
That's how I felt while
meandering through her website.
Viewing her images - and seeing
her point of view ever more clearly,
it was rather interesting to observe
 the progression of her work over the
course of more than a decade.

She uses a broad range of non-traditional
materials from wood and paper to
rubber and plastics. And while re-use has
become popular, it's the uncommon use
of common (and rather mundane)
materials that inspires us.

Her thoughts are described
in part as follows:
   . . .  I collect a variety of materials and even detritus plus remnants and miscellany from natural and other resources, carrying it back to the studio where it’s examined and then used to create body adornment, objects and sculpture. It’s hard to say sometimes, exactly, what this work is all about. It’s about so many things and nothing at all; I’ve come to think of it as a meditation on aesthetics, with a particular regard for the natural world. .  . I've discovered a kind of poetry in every day materials, images and objects that often seems absent in traditional jewelery. The subversive act of rescuing materials destined for the dumpster motivates me further . . . it satisfies a curiosity regarding the material world, a penchant for experimentation that sustains my creative impulse and a sensitivity to the natural world.

 Our favorite pieces
revolve around her use
of rubber and plastic that
were destined to be trash.
Let's take a look at the pieces that
cause our most intense reactions.

Here is a gorgeous bracelet made
using mixed plastics with oxidized silver.
It looks so light and airy.

This lovely brooch is also made with mixed plastics.
It has a sophisticated flair.

These organic cuffs are made with rubber, nylon and
nylon-coated steel cable.

And here is an intriguing
bracelet made from discarded rubber.

We find Mary's work to be inspiring, creative and imaginative.

Let us know what you think.

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