Monday, March 28, 2011

Nirit Dekel Jewelry

Flameworked glass is amazing.
The process of sculpting glass by twirling and
melting slender rods of glass by hand over
an open flame has produced some of the most
exquisite pieces of jewelry we've ever seen.
We specially love designs featuring intricate details
that look as if they are painted on the glass.
A glass artist we admire is Nirit Dekel.  
 Using an extensive color palette,
 her designs range from intense to delicate.

Here are a few examples
of work that Nirit creates.

We love the intense icy blues
in these pieces.

Metallic embellishments on these beads
provide a lovely sparkle.
This necklace makes us feel like we've just
ransacked grandma's jewelry box.

All these ruffles are so dainty and sweet.

We love the contrast these
transparent beads bring to this piece.

Luscious colors and elaborate swirls
produce jewelry with grace and charm.
The artist creates a lovely vase-shaped bead
that adds additional pizzazz to her designs.

This artist creates richly textured
work with intriguing details,
and each piece is prettier than the last.
It's exactly what
we love - intricate, vivid
and eye catching.


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