Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sonia Beauchesne Jewelry

Lately we’ve been seeing alot of
nature-inspired jewelry.
Maybe it’s the approaching springtime.
Maybe it’s a need
to feel closer to Mother Nature when
so much that surrounds us is
industrialized and harsh.

Whatever the reason, we find ourselves
gravitating towards a lovely collection
of organic jewelry offered by metalsmith
Sonia Beauchesne that features feathers
in many shapes, sizes, and range of details.
It’s a collection called “ If I Had Wings.”

Sonia has other collections and one-of-a-kind work
as well but it’s her "If I Had Wings" collection
 that seems to inspire us the most.
There is so much exquisite detail in each
piece and each is surprisingly
different from the others.
Embellished with pearls and 18K gold chips,
the richly detailed sterling silver
pieces evoke a closeness to nature that
we find appealing.

Here are some of our favorites.

This necklace is quite a
show stopper.


This brooch shows some of the detail
found in each of her pieces.


We find this one to be breathtakingly lovely.

We adore the richly textured work
with amazing details.

Meticulous detail, charming subject matter,
and an opportunity to get closer to nature.

We enjoy it all and hope
that you do, too.

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