Friday, April 8, 2011

Exhibition - Melissa Schmidt

There is a fine craft show in Washington DC that
has always drawn our hearts, and will
 someday draw us to see it in person.

The 29th Annual Smithsonian Craft Show
once again has a superb line-up
of jewelry artists whose work
is truly inspirational.
It runs from April 14 - 17.

Produced by the Smithsonian Women’s Committee,
all proceeds from this particular craft show
are used to support education, acquisitions, research,
conservation and outreach programs within the
Smithsonian Institution.

Melissa Schmidt is one of this year's
participants. Her handblown glass bubbles
are created in a manner that's very similar
to large-scale glass blowing but done
on a miniature scale.
Some are transparent while others are opaque.
Each evokes a mood. And while they appear
 fragile, each is surprisingly strong and very light.

This necklace is called White Hot.
It features an assortment of 22 glass bubbles
that have been colored with white
glass powder. The globular effect is reminiscent
of a cluster of grapes hanging from the vine.

This one is called Slices of Life.
Lovely to look at, it becomes more
mesmerizing when one realizes the
collection of 60 glass bubbles each contain an
image from the life of a 60 year old woman -
they are like luminous windows to
her childhood, her marriage, her progeny.  
Such a sweet biography of the sentimental
and celebrated moments of life.


This necklace is called Bird Watching.
It features a bevy of 23 bubbles each containing
an image of a wild bird that was photographed
from a bird-watching guide from the 1940's.
Who expected jewelry to be beautiful
and educational at the same time?

Here's a close-up of a similar bubble-
it's charming and perfect.

This work certainly does challenge the 
perception of what glass can and cannot do.
It brings glass to life in a manner
 we haven't seen before.

This artist's work is eye-catching.
The use of unexpected materials in her bubbles
bring color and a feeling of playfulness to her work.
We've seen her pieces feature images
of animals, flowers, trees.
Mother Nature provides an endless
array of subject matter and color choice.
The bubbles are so effervescent
they seem ready to float away.
But we're grateful that they're tethered
to this world as art jewelry.



  1. these are so pretty. I didn't know this could be done.

  2. Those are awesome! Thanks for posting, and keep up the great work on your jewelry blog.

  3. Thank you for your kind words; I'm really glad you enjoy the blog!!

  4. I am reading this again for the first time in 2 years. I have it linked to my Etsy page. I wrote that you can describe my jewelry better than me. ..and it's true. Thanks for your beautiful gift.

  5. Thank you Melissa for your very kind words. Your work is wonderful and I send you best wishes for continued success!


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