Thursday, April 14, 2011

Martha Collins Jewelry

Woodworker Martha Collins has spent the
majority of her woodworking career in
some form of furniture making, from
cabinetry to yacht interiors.  

Along the way she has turned her attention
and prodigious skill to the art of
jewelry making. Each of her wooden bracelets
and earrings are created from
domestic and foreign hardwoods with exotic names
like Brazilian Rosewood, Lacewood, Zebrawood,
Obeche, Satine, Chatke Viga - just the names alone
evoke images of romantic and mysterious locales.
Each type of wood is carefully chosen for its
natural color and texture then accented
with hand-dyed veneers.
Martha's work is easily recognizable for
its impeccable craftsmanship and
attention to detail. These pieces truly are
three-dimensional works of art.
We are especially enamored with her bracelets.
Here's an example of what the artist calls her
 Simple Series. We love the soft sheen of the wood
and the eye-catching color selections.
It's made with seven different species of woods
and comprised of 26 individual pieces.


Her Brilliant Mosaic Series is made up of relatively
thicker pieces of wood arranged in symmetrical yet
complex patterns. This series typically
uses 400 to 550 pieces in each bracelet.
Here's an exquisite example of
her meticulous work.

We consider the pièce de résistance of this artist's
repertoire to be her Jeweltone Mosaic Series.
These are typically made with up to
1000 pieces.  Featuring deep, rich earth
tones and beveled edges, the overall effect
is soothing and luxurious.

 This exceptional jewelry
showcases the intricate detail and
superb workmanship this artist
brings to her craft.
The process is detailed and exacting.
It's beautiful work and we'd each love
to have one of everything!

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