Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pamela Pereyra Jewelry

We admire work created by
metalsmith Pamela Pereyra.
Her intensely personal approach to design
is accentuated by the distinctive
handmade mark of the artist.
One gets a sense of motion
in many of her pieces.
 And each combination of
 shape, contour and texture
 seems like a little
piece of wearable modern sculpture.

As an example, we love her hammered
necklace and earrings.
Graceful yet intense at the same time
they're visually and tactilely intriguing.
And filled with energetic motion.

Here's the necklace from that series.

One of this artist's signature looks is the
lotus flower with layered petals.
It's especially noteworthy because it
features moveable parts.
Again, we get that sense of motion in her work.
It's simply elegant.

And we really like this piece from her
Kinetic series - the wearer can decide
 how she'd like to mix and match
the pendants each time she wears it.
It can be worn with
all the pendants together,
a few at a time, or just one for
a simpler effect. Each variation
is proportional, balanced and harmonious.


We admire the natural organic textures
of each piece and how each of the simple pieces
becomes more layered and more textured
 to create more energy.


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