Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eliana Arenas Jewelry

Over the years we've developed an appreciation
for jewelry that features alternative and
nontraditional materials.
Personal adornment can be more
art than jewelry and we like the idea of using the
human body as a pedestal.

Eliana Arenas has a series of brooches created
with aluminum and clear plastic spoons.
The spoons have been cut and melted
to transform their original shape.
We find the scale and proportion of each piece
establishes a sense of presence - so while
the collection itself is called Absence, these pieces seem
filled with a presence we find intriguing.
Meant to be decorative they actually seem to present
themselves as personal amulets designed to protect
 the wearer against negative energy.

The collection has a breezy cloud-formation vibe.
It magnificently showcases volume, structure
and texture. And we like how she punctuates
the designs with negative space.

Take a look and see for yourself.


Each variation draws the eye inward.


Similar yet so different.

Repetitive elements create movement.

The variations are never ending.

Jewelry can be many things to many people.
We're glad to have you join us as we continue to explore
what jewelry is and what jewelry can be.


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