Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Judith Kinghorn Jewelry

It's very easy to feel drawn to
Judith Kinghorn's jewelry.  Her work
is fabricated using a combination of techniques
 including fusing, embossing, die forming,
and granulation. Using a traditional
goldsmith's tool, a mouth-blown torch, she 
creates highly-detailed jewelry by working with
layers of sterling silver and high-karat gold.
 Using the power of one's breath as part
of the process of creating is a
thought-provoking concept.
She literally breathes life
into her work.

Her botanical pieces are enchanting.
The warmth of gold can be hypnotic,
 and the sharp metallic details
provide a vivid contrast to the gentle
blending of luminous color.
Her pieces are often comprised of hundreds
 of individual components that meld together
 exquisitely. Those separate elements seem
at first to be identical to the all the others
but each is distinctly unique.


Each strand is so similar yet different from the others.
 Multitudinous components are a defining
feature of this artist's work.

These surfaces create a delightful play
of darkness and light.

 We love the luminosity of the gold.

Texture and depth of color produce
a spectacular effect.

There is so much detail and
craftsmanship in these
contemporary designs.
It’s obvious the artist has a talent for
creating work of exceptional beauty.
Not only do we see the hand of
the artist in her work, we sense her
spirit is also ingrained in it.

We hope you enjoy it
as much as we do.

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