Friday, June 10, 2011

Tia Kramer Jewelry

Paper is one of those mediums that has
never-ending possibilities.
The different ways in which it can be used
and assembled into countless shapes
can boggle the mind.
For Tia Kramer handmade paper is an obsession.

Her jewelry mobiles, easily labeled as Calder-esque,
are self described as "performative sculptures for
one’s ears, architecture for the body."
By combining sterling silver structures with handmade
paper, she creates pieces that are sculptural, 
ethereal and energetic.

Having honed her repertoire over the years,
starting with large-scale suspended-art installations,
Tia's work has evolved over the years
to become what one might call
'minuscule art installations' 
of personal adornment.
 Her artistic metamorphosis now results in 
jewelry designs that are buoyant, 
translucent and durable.

She creates her jewelry using her own
handmade paper and sterling silver.
It's all cold fabrication -
 bending the wire and wrapping the paper -
producing a soul-satisfying result.
Multiple layers and intricate designs
combine to form really enchanting pieces.

Here is a complex combination comprised
of a necklace and earrings that interconnect. 
They can be worn separately or together.
Either way they are
magnificent statement pieces.
We love the bright, cheery colors
and the bounciness of the design.

This neckpiece contains a necklace,
bracelet and brooch.
The interplay of positive and negative
space is intriguing.

Here's the bracelet on its own.

We love these earrings.

And these earrings, too.

We adore the endless combinations and permutations
created in her work.
We also love the myriad simpler designs that she creates.
 Regardless of size and complexity,
each is filled with charm
energy and motion.

The bottom line is we'd love to collect them all.



  1. Wow! Reminds me of Calder and Miro... Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're so right, Janet! I hadn't even thought of the resemblance to Miro. . . especially in the sense of being so experimental. BTW it's nice to hear from you. Cheers!


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