Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lauren Pollaro Jewelry

A dear friend of ours recently sent us
a photo of work created by assemblage
artist Lauren Pollaro.  She knew we would really
enjoy seeing this particular piece of jewelry
and she was right!  We were immediately
intrigued by the choices of color, texture
and design. Everything just seems to
work together effortlessly.

We like the handmade aesthetic that is
apparent in her work - it provides a strong sense
of connection to her creative process.
This artist's forte is creating harmonious
sculptural jewelry using various mixed materials.
Acrylic paints, sterling silver, semi-precious
stones, and found objects are often
 included in her work. Her pieces also feature
such disparate elements as
vitreous enamels, collage, and epoxy resin.
It seems like she uses almost anything
in her abstract compositions.
And the effects are all beautiful.

Here is a brooch/pendant made with
copper, sterling silver, and acrylic paints.
We especially like the sgraffito-like effect
she creates on the various surfaces.

We also find this piece interesting - it features
found objects, plastic, a twig,
sterling silver and paint.

There are many pieces in her collection
to admire.

This necklace includes many elements
including wood,
epoxy resin and pearls.

This one incorporates enamel on copper.

We're inspired by how
her eclectic selection of materials
just seems to come together effortlessly.
But we know that work that appears
effortless rarely is as effortless as it seems.

For those who are intrigued
by delightful colors, layered compositions,
and the handmade aesthetic this artist
successfully combines all this and
more to create sculptural works of art
meant to be worn as jewelry.


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