Friday, June 3, 2011

Vivienne Martin Jewelry

Jewelry made with non-precious materials
can be as beautiful and durable as any.
Vivienne Martin has developed a unique
approach to using embroidery to create bold
jewelry that is light, feathery and delicate.

 Made from an eclectic collection of
materials such as fine wire, nylon, ribbon mesh,
monofilament fibers, mohair and rayon
these pieces capture
the imagination.

There are so many pieces in her
current collection to admire.
This feathery piece is a great example
of her lovely draping style.


So many of her pieces have feathery textures.

Lacy and romantic

and full of three-dimensional texture.

Intricate and delicate
and buoyant.

These soft layers add a dreaminess to
one's wardrobe.


She uses a very light hand to design these rather
 theatrical adornments. 
They'll add a note of romance and mystery
to a special occasion.

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