Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Porcelain and Sterling Jewelry: Pauline Edie

Contemporary jewelry artists find
inspiration everywhere.
Taking her inspiration from childhood stories
and fairy tales, Pauline Edie creates
one-of-a-kind jewelry using
sterling silver and white porcelain.

Beginning each piece by illustrating an
idea or a story from folklore, she
creates a metal framework then incorporates
white porcelain clay into each work.
Some of her pieces also include her
drawings being transferred directly
onto the porcelain.

This necklace is aptly named
Raphunzel's Hair.

here is the 
 Raphunzel brooch

this one is called a petal necklace

This Raphunzel drawing necklace
 features the artist's hand drawing. 

These are called Sleeping Beauty Rings

Every piece tells a story.
What begins as a source of inspiration
leads to a wonderful result
filled with imagination
and creativity.


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