Friday, July 22, 2011

Caroline Viene Jewelry

Some people follow their own internal compass.
Caroline Viene unleashes her inner visions
by creating wonderfully decorative jewelry.
Drawing upon her on metalsmithing
background, and utilizing techniques
such as reticulation, fusing,
embossing and roller printing
she purposely sets out to explore 
her own processes in patination,
surface texturing and patterning on 

Her vision is then set free to create
pieces that are richly textured
with strong coloration.
And each piece is more
appealing than the last.

Multiple layers of metal and processes
produce complex pieces filled
with visual and textural interest.

These pieces highlight the techniques she
masterfully incorporates in her work.

True to her training, she uses traditional
metalsmithing techniques to display
her distinctly unique vision.

Color and texture are deftly handled
by this artist who creates not just a piece
of jewelry but a sculptural piece of art.

We believe that the key to
creating art jewelry is
to find a way to express
one's inner vision.

This artist definitely succeeds.

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