Friday, August 19, 2011

Texture Galore - Birgit Kupke-Peyla Jewelry

Every time we see jewelry by Birgit Kupke-Peyla
we are intrigued by her choices of color,
texture and design. Everything just seems
 to blend together flawlessly.

Birgit's pieces are visually complex
with lots of tactile layers.

We like how she describes her work as

. . . a repetition of bars soldered onto mixed metals with contrasting stripes—sterling overlaid on gold and gold on sterling—layer upon layer of pattern and geometric form, imprinted with contrasting patterns
. . . .

This rich layering of texture and color
becomes jewelry that makes a strong
impression on everyone who sees it.
Working mainly with 22kt yellow gold
and sterling silver, it's the layers and depth
of color that always draw our attention.
Her textural work extends to the interiors
and reverse sides of her work as well.

Using many techniques, she'll incorporate
carving, etching, rolling, embossing,
castings, hydraulic fold forming
and finishing it all with patina.


Each technique she chooses
brings out the best in her designs.
We love jewelry made by artists who
work with impeccable skill
and a strong sense of style.

There is no doubt this artist creates all her pieces
with the utmost in
 impeccable skill and technique.

We really can't stop thinking about how stylish
all her pieces are and we're really inspired by
the time and effort that goes into each piece.

You can check out Birgit's work on her website.




  1. Wow! What incredible work! I am heading straight to Birgit's website to see more. Thank you for spotlighting these incredible pieces.


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