Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nordic Flair - Erika Honig Jewelry

Jewelry can symbolize many things and for some
it represents a sense of history and a
connection to one's heritage and culture.

Erika Honig creates jewelry that evokes a sense
of connection to her homeland.  Drawing upon her
Swedish family history as inspiration behind her
designs she creates what is called
pewter thread embroidery jewelry
Here's the poetic way she describes it:

Envision the harsh but beautiful landscape of northern Sweden above the arctic circle, often referred to as the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights. This is the home for the Saami People also know as the Lapplanders. Ever since the 16th century they have used a metal thread made of pewter and silver for decorating their clothing and making jewelry. I braid this unique thread and sew it onto the leather by hand. For closure I use hand carved antler buttons or a pewter button. Northern Sweden is my homeland and the source for most of my materials and inspiration.

Her pieces are visually intriguing and the
pewter thread lends itself well
 to plaiting or braiding.

Intricate designs can be made by combining
different braid patterns and by increasing the
number of strands braided together.

Her contemporary pewter thread
embroidery style is distinctly Nordic
and respects the ancient
methods and traditional materials.

Use of color adds additional
dimension and interest to
the designs.

We are inspired by this artist's connection
to her family heritage and how it
serves as the spark that
ignites her signature work.


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  1. yes i am fully agreed with you but mostly jewelry and style of wearing represents the culture of the region and definitely its different to each other anyways very nice post informative!!


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