Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exhibition - Andrea Williams Jewelry

We admire artists who are fully committed
to a personal conviction
to create socially and environmentally
responsible jewelry.
During the month of September,
Santa Fe, New Mexico is hosting
an exhibition of jewelry created by
Andrea Williams called "Stones."
 She's an artist whose work
is devoted to creating jewelry
 that does no harm
to the environment. Every aspect of her focus
 is very eco-conscious
 and her work focuses on the use of beach stones.
 By using recycled/reclaimed
precious metals and lab-created gemstones 
she makes the statement that she will not
 participate in the industrial mining
 of gems and metals from the earth.

Her process begins by collecting beach stones
 found along the shoreline.  Using 18k gold
 and sterling silver she creates various kinds
 of bezels, links and hinges. She completes
the process by etching the stones,
inlaying precious metals, and
sometimes setting Venetian glass
or gems into them. 

These earrings are lighter than
one might imagine.

Her ideas are expressed on her website,

" . . . jewelry should not be worn as a status symbol,
but should instead bring us closer to the
earth that birthed the materials."

She honors the simple beauty
that nature produces and
enhances that simplicity
with a bit of elegance.

It's interesting to know her inspirations are
as simple as walking on the beach and studying
the details and patterns in the rocks.

 Patina Gallery describes her work as,
"Using beach stones combined with silver and high karat gold, Williams creates works of jewelry practically crafted by Nature herself. By embellishing the stones with a very light touch, she allows the stones their own voice."
This exhibit will run from
September 2nd through September 25th.
For more information you can visit
the 'Stones' exhibit page at


  1. Absolutely beautiful and a joy to behold.

  2. i am a huge fan of her is even more incredible in person


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