Monday, September 5, 2011

Exhibition - "Think Twice - New Latin American Jewelry"

There is a huge exhibit currently on view
at Bellevue Art Museum in
Bellevue, Washington called,

Open until October 16th, this exhibit
brings together more than 130 pieces by
over 90 artists from 25 countries.

Think Twice is the largest collection of
contemporary Latin American jewelry to
be seen in the United States.
The Bellevue Art Museum will be the
only location on the west coast to
showcase this extensive exhibition.

A few of the jewelry artists included in this exhibit are:

Mirla Fernandes, Kehisha Castello, Helena Biermann, Tota Reciclados, Martacarmela Sotelo, Kika Alvernaga, Silvina Romero, Elisa Gulminelli, Martha Camargo, Maria Paula Amezcua, Magali Anidjar,  Gabriela Horvat, Jimena Rios, Thelma Aviani, Alcides Fortes, Samantha Fung, Marie Pendaries, Renata Porto, Martha Hryc, Teresa Margolles, Paula Isola, Beate Eismann, Aurelie Dellasanta, Giselle Morales, Fiorenza Coredro, Francisca Kweitel, Alina López, Ana Paula Campos, Mariana Shuck, Stella Bierrenbach, Linda Sánchez, Ana Videla, Alejandra Agusti, Lucia Abdenur, Claudia Cucchi, Chequita Nahar, Ariel Kuipfer, Ximena Briceno, Julieta Odio, Nuria Carulla, Henna Lee, Alejandra Hernández Montoya, Laura de Alba, Mariana Acosta, Valentina Rosenthal, Laura Alvarado, Carolina Martínez Linares, Leda Daverio, Alejandra Solar, Carolina Hornauer, Raquel Paiewonsky, Lorena Lazard, Maria Constanza Ochoa, Ursula Guttmann, and Carolina Gimeno.

Many of these artists draw on the rich and diverse
cultural history of Latin America to create works
that are filled with historical and political significance.  
Most are unusual.  All are intriguing.

The collection as a whole reflects
 a dynamic mix of cultures, styles,
techniques and materials.

This exhibit will end October 16th.
You can see more information and photos
by visiting the museum's website.

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