Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Floral Delights in Polymer - Elvira Lopez del Prado Jewelry

is captivating.
She has several collections but it's her
 Whispers in White collection
that really catches our eye.
Created using polymer and wire
these designs are dreamy and feminine.
The multitudinous swirls and loops
evolve into rings, necklaces and bracelets
that are punctuated with blossoms
that appear so realistic they
seem to have been plucked
 directly from a garden.
This particular necklace called
is made with polymer, copper wire,
anodized aluminum wire and gold sheet.
The creamy flowers seem freshly

Most of her pieces have strong textural contrasts
that keep one's eyes
moving throughout the piece.

This next piece also shows continuous movement
as the tendrils curl and dance throughout the ring.
 The wire helps guide the eye around
the various and contrasting shapes.

Here's another view of this ring.
Each twist and turn adds life to her design.

This graceful neckpiece utilizes polymer,
copper wire, and silver sheet.

Malleable wire combined with floral elements
created from polymer combine to
become dainty and delicate pieces of jewelry
that look incredibly realistic.
These delicate and tender blooms are so lifelike
you almost think you're smelling their
 sweet fragrance.

For more info you can visit her website.


  1. Elvira is a wonderful artist and beautiful person. Her work is so original.

    We miss her in Spain :)

  2. Wow!! I just read all this beautiful comments about this collection, and you just describes my jewelry better than me..thanks a lot for posting my work and for appreciate it and take your time to write about it. And thnaks to Ana (who is one of my favourites artists in polymer in Spain) for her comment too.

  3. Hi Elvira - I'm so glad you like this post. Your work is beautiful. Best wishes for continued success, Cara


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