Monday, October 3, 2011

Jewelry with Personality by Laura Stamper

So when was the last time you wore
jewelry with personality?
With names like Redhead Mermaid, Sexy Siren,
Urban Goddess, Queen of the Butterflies,
and Garden Fairy you just know
every piece in this collection
has its own personality and its own story to tell.

Expressing one's vision means different things
to different people.
To Laura Stamper it means sculpting and painting 
delightful characters on porcelain
then creating equally lovely metal settings
for those paintings.

Her sculptural series features imaginative
tongue-in-cheek characters that just seem
to be infused with
charm and playfulness.

Approaching each piece of
jewelry like a painting allows the artist
to create a mood.  Most of the time
that mood is filled with pure whimsy.


Ultimately, her designs
 come to life when highlighted
with gemstones and set in
sterling silver with 22k gold.


Some of her characters are brazen and bold.
Some are innocent and demure.
Every richly imaginative piece
is filled with detail.

The real jewels in these pieces are expressed
in the intricate details and characters
representing the imagination and
ingenuity of the artist.
You're not just wearing jewelry,
you're wearing a work of art.
It's easy to see that her jewelry is like an
art gallery that can be boldly worn on one's
 fingers, wrists and neck.

You can see more of collection at her website.

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