Monday, September 19, 2011

Industrial Jewelry by Hila Rawet Karni

Recently, we were asked a rather
thought-provoking question,
"so what happens when industrial materials
meet contemporary jewelry design?"
Apparently the answer is, "you get inspired
 jewelry created by Hila Rawet Karni. "

Blending together a passion for both
 industrial design and contemporary jewelry,
 Hila expresses a distinct point of view
 by marrying a variety of
industrial materials like plastic components 
and metal springs to textiles, leather and pearls.

By transferring the skills and knowledge she
learned while studying industrial design
to the traditional world of jewelry she creates a
connection between mundane materials
 and a graceful aesthetic.
It's jewelry that suggests a feminine style
with an urban edge.

There are many pieces in her collections
that we simply adore. Here are a few
 of our favorites.

  Several of her necklaces are made with
silver-plated stainless steel springs and
hand-woven leather laces.

It's exciting to see the delicate potential in
 industrial raw materials and to have them
 be transformed into objects of beauty.

These earrings feature stainless steel springs,
Swarovski pearls and sterling silver.

She makes it easy to develop an appreciation
 for jewelry that is not made out of
gold and silver but is just as
beautiful and sumptuous.

These bracelets are made with
stainless steel springs and silicone connectors.

This artist is willing to experiment with industrial
materials to create items that can be appreciated
as adornment.  We're inspired by her ability
to see beyond the common uses
 of items and to expose their
hidden potential as jewelry.
Additional information and images can be
seen by visiting her website.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful and unique jewelry designs. I am going to check out their website to check out the rest of their designs. Thanks.


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