Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Marne Ryan Jewelry

Once Upon A Time . . .
there was a daily television program called
the Carol Duvall Show.  
It was a how-to program that provided many
expert demonstrations of crafting
projects all of them done
with a personal touch.
For me the best part of the show's format
was the inclusion of an interview segment
talking with various craftspeople.
The interviewer and camera crew
traveled to someone's studio and
the footage of the craftsperson
at work in their studio
 was always interesting,
educational and inspiring.
And utterly priceless.

One of my favorite episodes featured
Marne Ryan at work in her metalsmithing studio.
She provided a vivid demonstration
of her torch techniques to fuse gold to silver.
What really made a lasting impression
 on me that day,
and what I still carry forward with me,
 is her devotion for her craft.
Even though she's been doing this work
for well over 30 years her passion
still burns as brightly as her torch.

Her specialty is fusing high-carat gold onto
textured sheets of sterling silver.
 These sheets of mixed metals
are then transformed
into one-of-a-kind
 jewelry and sculptural vessels.

Here's an example of one of
her awesome cuffs.

She often includes rare and unusual gemstones.

The wide variety of choices (especially her rings!!)
is amazing.

Her work shows simultaneous delicacy and
deliberateness that's been translated into metal.
It's an unbeatable combination.

She creates a smorgasbord of
cutting edge designs.

Variations on a theme just continue to evolve into ever more strikingly
 beautiful pieces of art to wear jewelry.

The bottom line is that
no two pieces could ever be identical
and the never-ending variations in her work
provide an incredible array of choices.

There is no doubt that her passion
and her torch will always be sparked
by her never-ending inspiration.

More of her exquisite jewelry can be

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  1. I was an avid fan of Carol Duval also. She did introduce her audience to some fantastic craftspeople. These are wonderful photos, thank you for sharing.


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