Monday, October 24, 2011

Romance in Metal - Valerie Ostenak Jewelry

Sometimes I dream about
the gorgeous jewelry created
Her work is so beautiful
it takes my breath away and
 sets my unconscious mind
into overdrive. 
It's easy to interpret my dreams --
I want to wear this jewelry!


Fluid and flowing designs are
brought to life in metal.
Her collections celebrate
the contours and shapes suggested by all sorts
 of complex forms found in nature,
such as raging rivers, swaying branches
and delicate tendrils of flowers.
Also, one can see Art Nouveau
influences in her work.

Her Elemental Collection features
silver, argentium silver, 14k gold, freshwater pearls,
gemstones and Swarovski crystals
in myriad curvilinear designs.

Each piece overflows with movement and energy
and an enchanting play of light on metal.

Skilled as both a blacksmith
and as a metalsmith she combines techniques
from both disciplines
to create this sculptural jewelry.


In her Garland Collection she incorporates
freshwater pearls, glass and/or Swarovski crystals,
silver and/or 14k gold with mild steel.
The steel gives this collection bold
emphasis and structural design.

Her work is an ongoing dialogue between
her blacksmith forging techniques, her
silversmith craftsmanship and her
design skills in art jewelry.
Each is superb.

Much of the charm and beauty of
these pieces lie in the wonderful variations
of form, shape and feel
that this artist offers.
These variations are seen in
her bracelets and earrings also.
But most of all,
this artist infuses her work with
the essence of romance.
And you can't go wrong with Romance.

For many more images of this
lovely work you can visit her


  1. Really beautiful work!
    Love how the poetry goes with it.

  2. Valerie Ostenak's jewelry is really quite stunning and lyrical in its design and concept. I, too, love how your poetry matches the elegance of the designs.

  3. Its about time she got the praise and appreciation she deserves. Hot metal work!


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