Friday, October 28, 2011

Memorable Jewelry by Lucia Antonelli

There are moments in life
when one sees an image and that image
lingers forever in one's memory.
One of those iconic moments
occurred several years ago when I saw a
cover of Ornament Magazine
featuring work by Lucia Antonelli.
That image stays with me to this day.

I was instantly smitten
by elegant design
and abundant detail.
All of her work is just as
 opulent and elaborate as this.
With harmonious color selections
 and detailed textures, the eye can't help but
dance around her necklaces.

In many of her pieces she allows
 color to take a supporting role as she
encourages texture to take the mainstage.

This is best seen in her necklaces that
 incorporate a labyrinthine
braid-within-a-braid effect.

On the other hand, when color does take centerstage,
this artist tends to work with warm tones -
golds, coppers, bronzes.
They add richness and depth to her work
and radiate a mellow, burnished glow.

She also adds delicious tidbits of visual intrigue
by including splashes of pearls
and dashes of gemstones.

Truly, each multi-strand piece
dramatizes energy and movement.

This broad variety of effects all come together
to create pieces with a lot of visual and
tactile appeal.

All that textural design is rather
sweeping and majestic.
And difficult to resist.

No wonder that original image
from so long ago
resides in my memory.
And always will.

You can see more of these pieces
at the artist's website.


  1. Great information such a nice and very useful i like it.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi, Cara,
    Thank you so much for such a kind and wonderful posting of my work!
    I am tickled and honored to say the least!
    I LOVE making jewelry and without it I don't think I could breath!
    I will certainly pass your blog on to all of my students and jewelry/bead fanatic friends!!!
    With love,

  3. Really beautiful pieces! You've successfully tempted me to look at Lucia's website.

  4. You should check out Valerie Ostenak work for some real hot hammer work! Difficult efforts. Best to you too! CA


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