Thursday, October 13, 2011

So Many Rings, So Little Time - Nora Rochel Jewelry

Sometimes it's all about
combining a love of vibrant texture with a
passion for botanical design.

Jewelry created by Nora Rochel
overflows with textural elements.
And it celebrates her vision of hidden gardens
 and botanical domains. 

Her exploration of these themes leads to
jewelry that, as the artist says,
"turns one‘s hands into small landscapes and gardens."

These are like country gardens where the
vegetation is allowed to grow with
wild abandon in secret corners.
Secret corners of those unkempt gardens
tend to shelter the most exquisite
specimens. Discovering those hidden gems is where
curiosity meets delight. That sense of
discovery exists in her jewelry.


The golden warmth in this ring
is almost luminous.

She uses different metals and several types
of patination to achieve
different effects.

The key to
 expressing one's inner vision
is to experiment and play.
And throw caution to the wind.
This artist definitely succeeds.

This work has a sense of playfulness
and discovery and enchantment
that's not easy to resist.
Each piece holds a tiny treasure within
its recesses
that begs to be explored.
It's jewelry that's off
the beaten path - where
being an adventurous tourist can be

You can explore more of Nora's
work at her website.


  1. Thank you for all the research and beautiful artisans work you share.
    -Eva Maria

  2. I'm all for experiment and play! What a fantastic collection of playful rings.

  3. I've never seen some of these effects before, tremendous deisn work.


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