Monday, October 10, 2011

Exhibition - LOOT 2011: MAD about Jewelry

The Museum of Arts and Design in NYC will present
"LOOT 2011 Gala Event: MAD about Jewelry,"
its annual juried exhibition of contemporary
jewelry created by more than 50 international
studio jewelry artists.

Now in its 11th year, LOOT: MAD about Jewelry,
has become known as, according to the museum,
“the ultimate pop-up shop for contemporary
art and studio jewelry,” where the public can acquire
pieces from some of the world’s most innovative
jewelry artists in a social setting while contributing to
a worthy cause. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the
Museum’s exhibition and education programs.

International in scope, multi-disciplinary in technique,
and diverse in style each of the pieces offered are
characterized by excellent craftsmanship, originality of
design, and a broad range of creative
and exciting materials.

Some of the participating artists include:

Sara Abramson, Eleanor Bolton,
Anastasia Azure, Lucia Corral,
Sara Basch, Elaine Cox, Lia di Gregorio, 
Jacqueline Cullen, Susan Green, Emanuela Duca,
Danielle Gori-Montanelli, Suzanne Golden,
Susanne Klemm, Nicole Landaw, Ute Kolar, Anna Ruth Henriques,
Mia Hebib, Liz Hamman, Jan Huling, Gilly Langton, Jina Lee,
Alba Polenghi Lisca, Asagi Maeda, Margherita Marchioni,
Maggie Meister, Sabrina Meyns, Laura Michaels, Carolyn Morris Bach,
Giuliana Michelotti, Iris Nieuwenberg, Simonetta Starrabba,
Rebecca Myers, Yoon Ah Paik, Olga Prieto, Kara Ross,
In Hwa Yu, Rossella Tornquist, Liz Schock, Lynne Sausele,
Andrea Williams, and Elise Winters.

Eleanor Bolton

Maggie Meister

Sara Basch

Liz Schock

Carolyn Morris Bach

Elaine Cox

This exhibition will run from
October 11 through October 14.

Proceeds benefit the Museum’s exhibition
and education programs.
For more information about this exhibition and
 items available for purchase
you can visit the MAD website.

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