Monday, November 7, 2011

Birds of a Feather Flock Together - Gabrielle Gould Jewelry

Birdwatching is an interesting
 hobby for many people.
Happily, one doesn’t need a
field guide and binoculars
to view the humorous collection of
birds and other wildlife
created by Gabrielle Gould.

Taking inspiration from
the woodlands and wetlands
around her home in Florida,
this artist creates
little critters of all types,
but it's her adorable feathered friends
that we find absolutely enchanting.
Handcrafted in sterling silver
and embellished with enamels, mixed metals,
and occasionally feathers, each delightful
bird in this menagerie has an individual character,
 and each brings cheerfulness and
a strong dash of whimsy.

Over the years we've seen many of her avian creations.
Here are some of our favorite pendants.

They are similar to one another
yet very different.

Some are bright and colorful
while others display more subdued


All are cute, adorable and sweet.
And irresistible.

Viewing this jewelry
is a lot like embarking on
an avian adventure.

We love how this artist's style is easily
recognizable and each piece brings
a smile to one's face.

It's a fun way to wear jewelry
and connect with nature at the same time.

More jewelry can be seen

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