Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Evolution of Design in Rubber Jewelry - Kathleen Nowak Tucci

There has been a lot of buzz recently about
jewelry created by Kathleen Nowak Tucci.
A prodigious designer, this artist
turns recycled rubber bicycle and motorcycle
inner tubes into vibrant, exciting pieces
 of statement jewelry.
Experimentation and innovation
are hallmarks of this artist's
much-praised repertoire of
rubber jewelry.
She has worked in various mediums over
the years, including ceramics and
acrylic paintings but it's her
uber-stylish line of recycled and
repurposed rubber jewelry
that has capture the imagination
of eco-friendly jewelry lovers.

It's the dynamic characteristics of
repurposed rubber that allow it to be
 twisted and sewn and looped in
endless and repetitive variations.

One can see that repetition forms the basis
of her work as she explains on her website,
I have always made my work in components . . . it may be long triangular pieces, that I call shreds, that eventually are assembled to create to become a necklace. Strips of inner tubes wait to be connected together along with other shapes . . . I like to have many parts pre-cut out ready for whatever combination strikes my fancy. I have always liked C and S curves juxtaposed against geometric shapes such as squares, circles and triangles.. . Working with the raw material of recycled rubber allows me to make dramatic pieces with very little weight.

Continuously evolving work is a
hallmark of her work.
This chain mail-esque neckpiece
is comprised of a multitude of
humble O-rings and aluminum jump rings.

Recently, she has been experimenting yet again.
She is expanding her line to include
handcrafted bronze-metal-clay elements.
 Incorporated into her work they fit
seamlessly and are just as natural and fluid
 as all of her work.

These hand-formed bronze metal clay kiln-fired discs
show a great deal of detail and contribute
a lot of visual interest.

What began as a single collection with a
single material is expanding to become
 a complete statement.

 Even as her namesake line
has gained a loyal following,
this artist continues to push the
 boundaries for her work.
Not willing to rest on her laurels,
she  continues to evolve
by creating work that is  
avante garde and easy to wear.
And eco-friendly.

You can see many more great photos
at her website.


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post. What an honor to be included with the other artists that you have featured.
    P.S. I love the name of your blog!

  2. Kathleen, you deserve your place on this blog, your work is beautiful!

  3. Those necklaces are some really great pieces, very nice.

  4. Love being the proud owner of some of your beautiful jewelry!!


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