Monday, January 30, 2012

Detailed Glass by Mercedes Brugh Jewelry

Mercedes Brugh creates fused glass jewelry
with tons of details.
Each piece is filled with realistic details because she
takes the time to include elaborate amounts of
details in each of her drawings which are
then etched into the glass.
She does this by using computer-aided design
taking 20 hours or more for each drawing.

She explains her processes as follows,
It all starts with my original drawing, which I create using Computer Aided Drawing. CAD is the compulsive's friend, allowing for screaming detail. . . Drawings take twenty or more hours to perfect. Once I'm satisfied with the drawing, I etch the drawing into the metallic coating on dichroic glass. Then I cut other pieces of sheet glass and stack the pieces like a sandwich. I carefully fuse them at 1450°F to achieve a nice melt without turning the cut shapes into blobs. Finally, the schedule I use to cool the glass tempers it.

Here is an example of her newest work.
Each color pops against the black background.

This pendant of an idyllic wooded scene shows the
rich detail she etches into each piece.

and this three-part pendant is
equally detailed

This artist's detailed glass art is
vibrant and brilliant.
There's a lot more to see
 at Mercedes Brugh's website.

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