Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mixtures of Materials - Celie Fago Jewelry

There's so much variety in the jewelry
created by Celie Fago.
She works with both precious metal clay
and polymer clay and highlights
everything with metal work.

The best parts of her work
emerge whenever she creates
unique textures. By layering
multiple processes and multiple materials
 upon one another she constructs pieces
that push creative and technical boundaries.

This pendant provides an example of
her focus on texture.
And I love the delicate calligraphy.

Again, texture is the
predominant effect.

Mixing polymer with metal produces
subtle colorations with striking effect.

Her work evokes a marriage of superb
quality and creative design.
Every piece provides a broad
range of visual interest.
The polymer work is exceptional.
The metal clay work is exquisitely designed.
The overall effect is amazing and inspiring.

And one of the best things about her
artistic journey is that she is willing
to teach all she has learned.

For more images and information
see Celie Fago's website.

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  1. Celie does make such wonderful jewelry. I particularly like the way she does her bails.


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