Thursday, January 19, 2012

Re-Using the Old to Create the New - McKenna Hallett Jewelry

Sometimes it's one's mission to contribute in ways
that go beyond the ordinary.
Using only found, reclaimable materials
McKenna Hallet re-uses things like
roofing, gutters, radiators parts, plumbing components,
airplane engine parts and electrical discards.

Her mission statement
encapsulates the essence of her work in jewelry,
I want to create objects of art with a minimum of impact ON OUR PLANET and to this end I will never use electricity or heat or corrosive chemicals to construct my jewelry and I will use as few items as possible from newly manufactured sources.
She also went on to tell me,
I burn NO fossil fuels: no heat, solder, torches, electricity, zero energy is used.  I believe that is what makes the work compelling . . . and the one hope is for each piece to be an ambassador of my message: REDUCE, REUSE, RETHINK and recycle only when you have no other option. It is my raison d'√™tre for creating my line.

Even without knowing her motivations for creating jewelry,
her work is intriguing, superbly-crafted and fun.
 For instance, the naturally-occurring corrosion
process that happens in copper can produce
wonderfully striking effects.
This pendant is a great example.

An aluminum bangle becomes a study in simplicity.

McKenna captures the essence of
the old and revitalizes 
that energy into delightful earrings
made from used radiator parts.

Finding the beauty in scraps of material from
demolition sites and local junk yards,
and salvaging those tidbits
is the essence of this artist's work.
And it's beautiful work.

There is a lot more information and great images


  1. All those textures are stunning!

    1. I am impressed. The work is stunning. And so is her sensibility.

    2. I love it. Your work is can see more at
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