Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Transforming Paper into Jewelry - Francesca Vitali

By repurposing paper, books and magazines with her own weaving techniques, Francesca Vitali creates vibrant, innovative jewelry.  Transforming these ordinary materials into beautiful designs becomes a form of alchemy.

Francesca explains,
In ancient times, alchemists have been ambitiously trying to convert common matter into gold. Sharing this grand aspiration, I strive to transform paper, a humble and ordinary material, into precious objects of original and modern design. . . I enjoy the idea that fragments of our lives will remain trapped in my paper jewelry. . . In my most recent work, I . . . mix traditional metalsmithing approaches with embroidery, weaving, or tramp art. These techniques are revisited to confer my productions a unique signature. When I design a new piece, I found myself following aesthetic principles based on clean lines, repeated patterns, and geometric shapes. I also pay very close attention to colors which often become the focal point of my design.

This oxidized copper bracelet features her woven paper technique. The delightful paradox of combining paper and copper becomes a work of art that's also fun to wear.

This pendant features another of her original designs. The meticulous work and imaginative design translates into a piece filled with color, texture and motion.

This piece is especially interesting because individual words and letters can be seen in the recycled paper.

Repurposed materials can be transformed into upcycled jewelry in the hands of the right artist. This artist has those fortunate hands.  See more luscious photos at  Francesca Vitali's Facebook page.


  1. So refreshing to see paper jewellery turned into beautiful wearable art. I love all the pieces shown here.

  2. Glad you liked the post - she really is an amazing artist!


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