Monday, January 9, 2012

Working from the Basics - Wendy Newman Jewelry

Jewelry created by Wendy Newman is a visual feast. As a lapidary and metalsmith Wendy finds many of her own raw stones and cuts them herself to create vibrantly-colored gemstones that she then showcases with exquisite settings.

As she describes on her website,
“It is always a challenge for me to balance the visual weight of the stone with the complexity of the metal work. It also provides a visual irony between the organic quality of the stone and the industrial quality of the metalwork.“

This lovely pendant features an Australian opal that she highlights with peridot, apatite, sapphire and a London blue topaz.

This piece focuses on a black druzy quartz that is punctuated with red, orange and yellow sapphires in a sterling silver and 18k gold setting.

This double-layered pendant in sterling and 18k gold is a showcase for a druzy quartz, imperial topaz, andalucite, and sapphire.  I especially like being able to see within the setting to the other side.

The interplay of gemstones and metals are a fearless mix of unusual patterns and shapes - they just make me want to keep looking at them.

There is a lot more information and images to be seen at Wendy Newman's website.

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  1. Use of a stone adds four moons to a jewellery.....It is like a challenge to make a good jewellery which equalize in all the way such as stone weight, its design etc.....I really like the designs.......Thanks for the post...........


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