Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Exhibition - Signature: Myung Urso Jewelry

Myung Urso expresses herself with
a unique point of view.
Using simple techniques with simple materials
she designs and creates as she works
rather than planning and conceptualizing
every step of the way.

Her work is currently showing at Velvet da Vinci gallery
in an exhibit called, "Myung Urso: Signature."

My jewelry as an art expression transforms itself from my imagination and observations from life. It figuratively shapes itself from either abstraction or illusion through the use of black and white Asian calligraphy and hand stitching applications. Calligraphy in my South Korean culture is considered as an art form rather than a skill. The brush stroke freely expresses its strength and the water-based ink reveals the depth of contextual images. Sewing is a technique regarded as a common daily life skill for women in the culture.

She uses natural dyed silks, thread,
sterling silver and lacquer to create
these pieces.

Bits of calligraphy can be seen in this piece.

The hand of the maker
is always apparent in her work. 

 The exhibit will run from
February 1 through February 29, 2012.

There's more to see at Velvet da Vinci
and Myung Urso websites.

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