Friday, May 25, 2012

For the Architecturally Inclined - Alexia Cohen Jewelry

The first time I saw jewelry created by Alexia Cohen
it was the intriguing shapes that caught my eye.
As I read about her work, it became apparent that
this work is more than what appears.
As she describes on her website,
"Architectural structures - especially bridges -
are created in accordance to a very
specific section of the landscape."
She explains further,

Jewelry is usually imposed on our body.  . . . In my work I want to address specific parts of the body, and instead of the pieces being imposed on the body, they are directly derived from the shape of a specific cross-section. . . The pieces that I have been making are comprised of an outer metal frame which holds under tension a series of elastic cords that cross and form the basics of the original drawing (the tangents). The elastic cords actually touch the body and suspend the metal frame around the wrist or neck  . . .The jewelry forms are essentially the product of my observations and my mathematical mapping of the body.

Here is a place where metalsmith meets
Her work results in jewelry that is
eye-catching and engaging.
This artist has several other collections to view.
Visit Alexia Cohen's website for more images and information.

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  1. Hi there Carmela, Thanks for the write up!

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