Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From Ancient to Modern - Sophia Georgiopoulou Jewelry

Ancient jewelry-making techniques
are a strong component in the
contemporary jewelry created
by Sophia Georgiopoulou.

Granulation is a featured aspect of many of
her gorgeous pieces; each is meticulously
covered with tiny spheres in linear pattterns.
Opulent and luxurious, each curved
granulated surface is a visual delight.

This artist explains her point of view on her website,

. . . using techniques that span millennia, I design and fabricate jewels that reinterpret the ancient Mediterranean traditions of jewelry-making . . . I work in 18k and 22k gold, silver, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. My designs are mostly inspired by the Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine past of the Near East and adapted to a more modern aesthetic . . . I am always inspired by the amazing jewels produced by the splendid civilizations that flourished around the Mediterranean basin in ancient times. The way the craftsmen of old achieved such a degree of perfection in their pieces using only a few simple tools, metal and fire always poses a challenge to me as a goldsmith.

For more information and beautiful images,


  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Carmela!

  2. this is so inspiring and unique! love how she expresses her inspirations through her craft - exquisite jewels!

  3. Fabulous use of granulation!

  4. Sophia's work is just lovely! Now that I've played with a bit of granulation just recently, I have even more appreciation for it.


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