Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paper Held by Tension - Lydia HIrte Jewelry

Sometimes it's the surprise factor
that makes the biggest impression.
 Jewelry created by Lydia Hirte
is made with card stock.
While jewelry made with a paper product
is unique enough on its own, that's not
what makes this work so surprising.
The artist assembles and fastens each piece
not by gluing or folding; nor is it
held together with standard materials
such as rivets or clamps.
Instead, it's all held together (surprisingly) by tension.

She describes her work in this way:

My point of departure is a bundle of flat stripes. Once having started to move the bundle and to force different stripes on a single plane I am feeling the resistance of the cardboard against being manipulated by my hands. This resistance releases the impulse to shape even further and the material responds to my hand and unfurls its curvature and shape – the concentrated process of artistic form finding is launched
. . . On account of applying my different methods and techniques I am able to generate strong tension within the cardboard. These I use to create self supporting structures. The resulting objects are
 stable and resilient.  

Unique, beautiful, surprising.
See more at Lydia Hirte's website.

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