Monday, June 25, 2012

Woven Wire Mesh - Nicky Falkenhayn Jewelry

Each piece of delicate jewelry
created by Nicky Falkenhayn
is made by using a very old knitting
 machine but with the tension set by hand.

The lightweight knitted and crocheted
jewelry is made with wire mesh in sterling silver,
oxidized silver and 22K gold.

With a broad range of designs,
these pieces can easily be worn
by day and into the night.




It's easy to see why this jewelry
 has been described as,
lightweight, ethereal and comfortable.

To see more of her work


  1. i like this technique so much. one day I will try to fulfill the simple project using it. Nicky´s works are amazing.

  2. I love these, the use of the mesh is brilliant.


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