Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kiln-Formed Glass - Dolores Barrett Jewelry

Many of the distinctive kiln-formed glass spheres 
that Dolores Barrett creates for 
her unique jewelry collection
are made with dichroic glass.
This is glass that appears to be different colors
 when viewed from different angles.
Other pieces are made using clear, black, 
or colored glass fused with metallic foils.

Hints of gold leaf, silver luster, textured 
 or jewel-tone glass inserts peek out 
of the characteristic holes serving to invite
 the viewer in for a closer view.

These variously-shaped pieces are made with glass and
fused 24K gold foil with
transparent colored-glass interiors.

 Shapes, patterns, colors and glass come together to
express this artist's unique vision.

See more at Dolores Barrett's website.


  1. your blog is so informative, it's my favourite one. can't stop but thanking you for a super great joy. happy to have found you one day. incredible work. so elegant and delicate.

  2. very different style, really interesting. Some works remind me of blurred pixeled images


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