Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raw and Rugged - Elisenda De Haro Jewelry

Asymmetrical shapes and variegated colors
dominate jewelry by Elisenda De Haro.

The textures tend to be
 the first thing one notices.
She has created several collections but it's
her 'Arrecifes de Rubi' (Ruby Reefs) Collection that
easily captures my attention.

Made with oxidized silver, gold, and various
gemstones this jewelry is reminiscent of the
coarse, unrestrained formations of
 rocks, canyons and sea cliffs.

This jewelry evokes a spirit of
spontaneous, raw impulse.
And by oxidizing the metal, an unexpected
colorful patina helps to soften the surfaces.

Here are examples of her work that emphasize
 rich colors and unusual textures.

     This work is created thoughtfully and meticulously
yet the results appear spontaneous and raw.

I admire her innovations and experimentation
to push the boundaries of 
what jewelry should look like.

More can be seen at

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