Monday, September 10, 2012

Variations on a Theme - Hilary Hachey Jewelry

Repetition is a central theme
for Hilary Hachey.
Using a combination of cast and hand-fabricated elements
she focuses on two central collections
to showcase her beautiful jewelry.

Her work is characterized by seemingly endless,
fascinating variations on a theme.
 One collection features a curvaceous oval shape
and, by contrast, the other emphasizes
linear use of cubes and squares.
And that is the point.

This jewelry is based on the principles
of the Bauhaus movement which is
defined by, among other things,
a definite geometric style -
 it is the repetition, asymmetry,
and specific geometric shapes that form the
 visual language for her jewelry.

Even with these repeating elements
this jewelry is far from monotonous or boring.  
Elements are grouped in myriad ways to
make this jewelry seem rhythmic and almost lyrical.
This is how the artist describes her work,
“I consider my work to be architectonic. That is, a type of perceived sensibility to form and design that prefers the simple over the complex, and the well-built over the mass-produced. I adopted the Bauhaus name for my jewelry because the Bauhaus aesthetic utilizes economy of method and severe geometry of form.

Here are some examples of her amazing work.




She seems to have an enormous repertoire of
designs that use the cube, box and oval as
 primary structural themes, and she creates
endless, expressive riffs on these themes.

What I like is that each piece is familiar, but not the same.
It all comes together under Hilary's discerning eye to
create pieces that are edgy yet cohesive.
See more of Hilary Hachey's designs at her


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