Friday, October 12, 2012

Carolyn Morris Bach Jewelry

Sometimes jewelry is
thought provoking.
That's how I feel about
the work created by
Carolyn Morris Bach.

Over the years I’ve come across her jewelry
again and again, and I feel drawn to her
instantly recognizable work
which is dominated by a strong
mysterious earth-goddess motif.

This feminine figure is frequently accompanied
 by symbolic creatures from the animal kingdom
including owls, rabbits, deer, bears and foxes.
Using all natural materials such as
wood, bone, metal and stone
this artist builds each of her pieces
one at a time, and each
 piece tells its own magical story.

yes, the owls are my favorite
Carolyn Morris Bach's creative jewelry
may not actually
bestow magic upon the wearer.
But then again maybe it will.

See more of her work at her website.


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