Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mixing the Precious with the Mundane - Elaine Cox Jewelry

Elaine Cox designs jewelry that suggests
 landscapes with especially irregular
 and eroded rock formations.
Working with silver and 18 kt gold
each of her pieces are created with
multiple layers of richly textured surfaces
 using both precious and nonprecious materials.
Her work explores contrasts such as,
 rough with smooth,
 matte with burnished, light with dark,
 and precious with non-precious.
And many of her pieces are usually encrusted
with non-precious materials like dirt or salt
giving her gemstones the appearance of
 having just been pulled from the ground.



I believe the key to
creating art jewelry is
to find a way to express
one's inner vision.
This artist definitely does.

 There's alot more to see

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