Friday, October 26, 2012

Pencil Me In - Andrea Melissa Arias Jewelry

Andrea Melissa Arias takes a playful approach
 to creating jewelry with pencils. 
Whether it’s the colorful patterning of colored pencils laid
 side by side or the texture of creamy resins seemingly
melted over the tops of pencil stubs, she takes
these ordinary elements and transforms them
 into intriguing jewelry.

I especially like how she describes her process
and motivation,
Jewelry is for me a way to discover new sensations and get in touch with another part of myself . . . It is a way to experiment, think, breathe, and create. . . Colouring pencils were my favourite toy as a child, giving me feelings of pleasure and excitement. My working process began by deconstructing the pencils in order to reconstruct them in totally different shapes and structures. . . The resulting new forms show clearly the marks of the present working process and reveal the memories of my childhood. This work represents my desire to preserve the spontaneous way children act.”



Allowing irregular shapes and imperfections to nestle
together this is jewelry that embraces playful textures,
bold colors, and a sense of spontaneity.
Be sure to see more at her website.

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