Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vibrant Paper Flowers - Begoña Rentero Jewelry

Springtime flowers can help
revive a dreary autumn day -
especially when those flowers are handmade
 with silk and paper.
 Fiber artist Begoña Rentero creates
lush, layered, textural jewelry
in eye-popping colors.


Speaking of bright, cheerful fiber art jewelry,
if you’d like to revisit some of the
contemporary work previously featured
on this blog, there’s quite a lot to see.

 Click on each name to see designs
Each utilizes an innovative
approach to working in this medium,
most are self taught, and each of their creations
counters the preconception about jewelry
 having to be made with precious
metals and expensive gems.

And to see more of Begoña Rentero's work,
visit her delightfully cheery website.


  1. Such sweet and delicate work - I was wondering how the paper/silk is shaped into such exquisite textures?

    1. that's a really good question and I'm curious to know as well

  2. Yes very beautiful work we can also use it as a fashion jewelry


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