Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Layers of Dimension & Texture - Betsy Baker Jewelry

Betsy Baker interprets in polymer clay
 various smooth and textured surfaces of
natural materials like marble, rock, sand, linen
and paper, using numerous mixed-media
surface techniques. Once that portion of her work
is done it's then combined with a focal point of
hand-forged fine and sterling silver.

Her meticulous attention to surface effects allows
for a wide range of patterns and textures, as well as
investigations of color, dimension and geometric forms.

These forms blend harmoniously
with those tiny focal points. Each embellishment is
protectively placed into a recessed opening
 reminiscent of a window or portal to
another enchanting dimension.
There is a lot to admire and to enjoy in her jewelry.




One's attention is continuously drawn to 
multiple levels of distinctive
dimensional and textural effects. 
It's not easy to select a favorite.

Be sure to visit Betsy Baker's website
to see all of her work.


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  1. It's so true....VERY hard to pick a favorite. Great stuff Betsy! ~Laura C.


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